I like your style #4: Kenny Random

Kenny Random is a wonderful street artist from Padova, Italy. His fantastic and dreamy artworks are as simple as powerful and can be spotted roaming the city, injecting colour and traipsing over poorly scrawled graffiti. 
Kenny incorporates cartoon characters and black silhouettes and is a modern artistic superstar in his area, nethertheless his identity is still almost unknown. His murals are available as prints in random galleries and sell for a few thousands euros right now. Asking about his style, he explains to My Modern Met:

“I like playing with fantasy and reality, so I try and find the best location to give more power to all the cartoon characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street they become part of real life; the right place can give them an amazing power!”

 all fotos (c) Kenny Random via www.kennyrandom.com




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