Creepy little GIFs that will make your blood run cold

Milos Rajkovic, better known as Sholim, pushes little GIF art to an extreme new level. These little animated pictures known as Graphics Interchange Format, technically antiquated, are booming on the internet with a huge comeback since 2010. But only few artists used them as disturbing as Sholim from Belgrade, Serbia. His animations makes your blood run cold while you watch these perfectly looped little bastards, sucking you directly into their bizarre and Gilliamesque world. 

Sholim shows us a morbid deconstruction of regular heads and faces and dissects their inner, creepy mechanics. Stuffed with pop culture figures and postmodern symbols it´s like watching a Todd Schorr painting coming alive. A funny little 1920ties horror circus, full of irony and grotesque nightmarish fears. One step ahead, this artists knows how to use simple digital art to generate spontaneous discomfort. We can´t wait for the first gallery that takes the challenge to present his works in an adequate show.

See much more stuff of Milos Rajkovic on his tumblr page as well as brandnew released pieces including soundscapes on Milos coup page.

all images (c) Sholim.

Bjoern Hering

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