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Coffee with Femke Hiemstra

Her last Amsterdam exhibition was sold out in 20 minutes. Seattle´s Roq La Rue Gallery owner and Hi-Fructose Magazine Editor at Large, Kirsten Anderson, calls her one of her favourite Pop Surrealism artists worldwide. Amsterdam based artist Femke Hiemstra is one of the most interesting, uprising contemporary art superstars these times. We met her for

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Babes in Spookyland – the bizarre contemporary pop art by Ciou

New York City , Amsterdam´s KochxBos gallery, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, California, Portland, Rome, Berlin, and a solo show at Seattle´s Roq La Rue: The unapologetical artist Ciou from Toulouse, France, made them all singing her highest praises. As from now the Last Junkies On Earth also do, how does it come? In her paintings and drawings,

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