Amazing compilation: 11 bands covering „Just Like Honey“ by the Jesus & mary Chain

„Just Like Honey“ from the 90ties shoegaze band the Jesus & Mary Chain is still one of the most relevant songs for the Shoegaze and Indiepop movement so far.

Some years ago, the Just Like Honey Indie Music Podcast released a digital compilation with 11 indierock bands covering all the same song: „Just Like Honey“. The song, which last appeared in Sophia Copollas movie „Lost in Translation“, is perfectly covered in 11 very different and unique versions, which all are recorded in a very high quality. We´re happy that we re-discovered this amazing compilation while diggin the digital music universe.

The reason for the release was even more spectacular than the release itself: 100% of the money was donated to the Breast Cancer Care. Indie-Podcaster Bertie B. took the money to run with the London Marathon for Breast Cancer Care. All the money that was made with the compilation was going into the fundraise.

The reactions were enormous: Bertie told me that he got more than 4000 plays of the songs in just a single day. Make yourself a dent. You can listen to the whole compilation in our player below. 

The bands: Laki Mera, Oh Minnows, Keep Shelly in Athens, We Are Enfant Terrible, Kidcity, The Spruce Campbells, Glisk, Wanda and Wonder, Shark?, Pursesnatchers, Seapony



Bjoern Hering

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