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Of Miracle Soap, Dairy Gangsters, and one of Podcastland’s most interesting music related shows: Get Ready for an interview with creator of podcast ‘The Wasted Years’ – Aaron Semer

Are you ready? The Wasted Years podcast is, simply, bands and musicians telling stories about touring. This is real life viewed through the lens of the touring musician. Touring seems to be an endless mine of amazing tales, and I believe that many artists and musicians are excellent story tellers by nature. Thus, my creation

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Go to Japan Young Man, and Make a Killer Record Please! Thoughts on Dustin Wong’s album: “Mediation of Ecstatic Energy’

  Dustin Wong’s latest release (Thrill Jockey Records) is a rapt conversation between excited participants that may not even know they live on the same planet. Not that these well-paced loops, colorfully exuberant guitar tones, effect pedaled planetoids of musical dust and light, and the rest of the sounds used on his perfectly titled ‘”Mediation

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The sound of analog: New Yorks Whispering Olympians talk about getting bullied by some hippie bitch, Egyptian gals and the smell of vinyl

Folks who love bands like The Shout Out Louds, Polock or Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin should pay attention to this limited 12-Inch called „Scrimmage Shark EP“ by the US Indiefolk duo Whispering Olympians, that was released on Jan. 1st.  It´s Domenic Maltempi and William Olsen from the Hudson Valley region of New York who produced

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