Noise veterans on stage: Lee Ranaldo & Yo la Tengo performing „Mote“


Lee Ranaldo (ex-Sonic Youth). Foto: Lee Ranaldo Facebook

If you ask me for my personal dream that never comes true I would tell you some freaky weird stuff like joining a show at Maxwell´s, Hoboken, with Yo la Tengo on stage rocking together with Sonic Youth´s Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley to my favourite SY song „Mote“. Freaky weird? It happened. Not for me but for a lucky bunch of people joining last years 3rd night of Hanukkah at Maxwell´s. Thanks to a pretty cool guy that filmed this session for all of us. After being on stage for more than 30 years – do these musicians look old at all? Do they act like rock dinosaurs? No way. No doubt that nothing can ever take away their slacker-coolness . They still are the kings of Indierock and the world knows it. All we can say is: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO. The last Junkies love yaw. 




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