All good things must come to an end: The Aging Superhero by Andreas Englund

Let´s face it. We all grow old and this slow process of getting scrunchy in the face and squishy in the head makes no exceptions for anybody. Even not superheros. Swedish artist Andreas Englund shows this process in his humorous ongoing series of photo realistic oil paintings called Aging Superhero. Looking at his paintings with one laughing eye, we can sense a deeper layer in the pictures that catches our inner fear of facing the fact that we all grow older every day. Englund captures this fear in the super-realistic expressions in the superheros face. This doddery old man still can do it: saving the world and beating up the bad guys. It simply takes more time and he needs to rest more often. Our sympathic hero is tired of that shit. Time to face the superhero inside everyone of us. Like Englunds Aging Superhero, we all can´t escape our role in society. And we all can´t escape the process of slowing down. Let´s fuckin´ face it.




All images (c) Andreas Englund. 
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