DAS KRACH: cool electro from Dortmund collaborates with Ghana reggae stars


After his debut ep „SKiNNY LiTTLE BiTCH“ gained much success on the internet in 2013, specially in South America, the electronic music producer DAS KRACH from Dortmund, Germany released his second piece of work in may 2014. 

On „Nairobi Lights“ Bjoern (DAS KRACH) leaves the roots of his debut, on which he combined urban styles like Hip-Hop and Indiepop music with dubstep and electro elements. Instead, he now is focused on cooperations with the reggae star BLACK PROPHET from Ghana as well as with the dancehall artist MAD TURKEY and his former band JERICHO WALLS. With his unique sound he squeezes the african reggae movement into a highly danceable electro format which is based on modern Moombahton & Brostep elements. Nairobi Lights was produced in several situations and different parts of the world. Armed with his MacBook, Bjoern joined Graffiti writers on their nightlife tours, he worked in almost dark subway tunnels as well as 11.000 meters above concrete in airplanes as well as on La Palma island and New York City.


Video shot by Josh Reichlin from Chicago.
The Nairobi Lights ep is now fully streamable here:

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Bjoern Hering lebt seit über 30 Jahren in Dortmund, aufgewachsen zwischen Graffiti, schwitzigen Konzerten und haufenweise Instrumentenkabeln. Bjoern liebt das Reisen und das Entdecken von Vergänglichem inmitten von hektischem Großstadttreiben. Auf seinem Blog Last Junkies On Earth dokumentiert er das Treiben seiner Stadt.

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